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26 reviews for DORDOGNE VSOP FRENCH BRANDY (1000ml)

  1. Jestin

    Best Brandy …very smooth to drink♥️

  2. Jestin

    very smooth to drink♥️ DD😍

  3. John Jacab

    The smoothest brandy.. great quality. DORDOGNE VSOP is amazing

  4. Arjun Ashok

    Very nice drink..its a smooth go

  5. Sooraa

    Dordonge vspo very smooth and nice quality

  6. Biju O S

    Very smooth brandy

  7. ARUN

    Good brandy

  8. Johnny

    The best smoothest VSOP ever

  9. Abhijith

    It was really good

  10. Selvam Lic

    Best Quality… Smooth and tasty

  11. Mohandas

    It’s a very smooth drink and can also be used for some great cocktails.

  12. Abhijith

    It’s very smooth 😍

  13. Waterburys Compound

    The best and the smoothest. Erangy pokunna vazhy ariyilla … Polappan sadhanam

  14. Waterburys Compound

    Polappan Sadhanam … Pokunna vazhy ariyilla .. smooooooodh …..

  15. Sabu s

    Amazing experience… Last 4vyears using Bevco..

  16. Arun

    Very poor quality
    Myranu… jai javan…

  17. Kevin George

    Loved the quality and well as apprence. Really good stuff

  18. Kevin George

    Really smooth and good quality. Loved being a brandy lover


    Real taste of French vsop..Very smooth to drink with ice cubes.No headache after consumption.Really an amazing drink.

  20. Alagesh

    Why it’s not mentioned brandy?. Its labelled French Spirit. I don’t smell neither, taste a brandy. I can’t compare it to any French brandy.

  21. Alagesh

    Is this wine added with 40% spirit. It doesn’t taste brandy & ingredients are not mentioned.

  22. Alagesh

    This is my third day having the drink. Is this really brandy. Is it distilled? or spirit added on a combination. Why brandy is not mentioned on the bottle. It just raise high & evaporate during a chill deep breath. Tippers deserve to know what they drinking.

  23. Alagesh

    I am not getting a reply nor an answer

  24. Swaroop

    One of the best French brandy available in india, for price & quality wise.

  25. Rajan


  26. Thomas

    It doesn’t taste like brandy…it is smooth all right..but….

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